Poster Presentations

Poster presenters will be provided with a 1.2 x 0.9 m (height 1.2 and width 0.9 in m) poster board and push pins. The suggested size (height x width) for poster is A0 (i.e. 1.189 x 0.841 m). Posters must be visible from several meters away, so please use large fonts (minimum of 32 points), avoid overly "texty" posters, and use visuals and diagrams.

Mounting/dismounting posters: Presenters are invited to mount their posters in the Coffee Break or Lunch Break before the start of the session, and dismount it after the end of the session. Material to fix the posters will be available on site. Conference organizers will not be responsible for the posters left after the dismounting time. Kindly note that any posters left on the poster boards after the end of each session would be taken down and discarded.

Oral Presentations

Projection will be available in the session rooms which are equipped with a laptop or desktop computer, a projector, a microphone and a pointer.To ensure the changeover between talks is efficient, all presentations should be transferred to the computer in the session room before the start of the session in which it will be presented. Each speaker must ensure than his/her presentation (incl. questions) is no longer than that stipulated in the programme.

Keynote Talk:50~55min + 5~10min discussion

Oral Talk: 15min + 5min discussion